Institutional Management
Managed by P.U.S.C
The affairs of the P.U.S.C are managed by an Executive Committee consisting of :
(a)The President
(b)The Senior Vice-President
(c)The Vice-President
(d)The Registrar, Panjab University
(e)The F.D.O., Panjab University
(f)Dean Colleges Development Council, Panjab University
(g)The Secretary P.U.S.C, ex-officio Secretary of the Executive Committee
(h)The Dy. Secretary P.U.S.C, ex-officio. Dy. Secretary of the Executive Committee
(i)The Asstt. Secretary P.U.S.C, ex-officio. Asstt. Secretary of the Executive Committee
(j)20 members to be elected by the P.U.S.C from amongst its members. The break-up is as under :
(i)6 Men approved Principals
(ii)6 Women approved Principals
(iii)3 Men Lecturers in Physical Education
(iv)3 Women Lecturers in Physical Education
(v)1 Male Student
(vi)1 Female Student

Strategy Development and Deployment
The meetings of Executive Committee of Panjab University Sports Committee are held every month for the strategy development and for the promotion of Sports.